stuff to listen to

I just sent this email to a few friends, and thought others might benefit (edited slightly):
I was recently introduced to Rusty James’ “NewGrass” show when Penny Williams told me he had played my CD (“Tamlin Swing” from Twisted Path!)
He selects an hour’s worth of music and it streams for a week, here:
(playlists too!)
He likes to work in the “gypsy jazz” so that’s alright with me. Also, yay community radio!!

I’ve been following the playlist and downloading a few things, even a “Game of Thrones” cover, bluegrass style (look it up! The group is Flatt Lonesome).  I bought singles from Michael Hearne & Shake Russell, and a group called Molasses Creek.
But I had to purchase the whole album “Red Grass” when I heard the name.  Ilya Toshinskiy is, you might say, an ex-Soviet Bela Fleck.
The quality’s great. Of course I’m looking for those tunes that meld east and west, but he seems to be orienting mostly West.

And, going backward in time – looks like the artist landed here as a teenager with a band called “Bering Strait”-
there is a youtube channel here:
and even a documentary about them:

Well, that’s enough to keep me busy for a while.



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