Native Chicago Artists You Should Know More About [Playlist]


Chicagoans are proud of a lot of things: our diversity, our pizza, our art, and obviously, our music.  During the course of a typical year, the amount of incredible festivals, fairs, workshops, and public performances that make Chicago their home is incomparable to many other places.  There is no denying that this city brings in a ton of talent to entertain and inspire us.

However, let us not forget the talent that we bring up and send out to the world, as well.  Artists such as Buddy Guy, Chicago, and the Smashing Pumpkins are well-known Chicago natives who have made their mark on the music industry.  But, that’s not all.  Many successful artists call Chicago their home; many we may not be as familiar with or many we may not even know are from the Windy City.  In honor of that, here are five Chicago artists you should know more…

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