by inspiration, desperation (to return to the living after years of studying for the CPA exams), and tempted by a promise from a belly dancer, I finally purchased a looping pedal.

Now I’m listening to the radio in a whole new way.  I’m noticing lines that I can play, and remembering hooks, but I’m having to text myself whatever bits I can remember – and then beg Google or Todd to help me find the artist and name – because I have NO IDEA who these people are.

And yet, for the first time in my life, “pop” is meaningful and worth analysis. In transcribing “Madness,” I nearly cried. I have NEVER been that girl. I am enjoying being that girl.

So, thanks to inspiration I have new criteria and a new direction: I am looking for songs that have a simple-but-not-boring bottom line and an interesting melody that I can 1) play on the violin and 2) solo over.  Also, they can’t be too terribly similar to each other. We all know how easily I can get bored. The nice thing is that I’m finding layers of complexity in music I previously poo-pooed.

So far, these are the candidates:

Muse – Madness

The Police – Roxanne

Everlast – What it’s Like

Serena Ryder – Stompa

Coldplay – When I Ruled the World

Bloodhound Gang – Discovery Channel

Fitz and the Tantrums – The Walker

and maybe Mellencamp – I Need a Lover

Where am I going with this? I honestly have no idea.

The goal here is learning to use the looping pedal….but no, not gigging. If anything, I might do some kirtan in a yoga studio. Someday.


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