What’s not in the pictures –

Well, you’ve seen the “Concert in the Pole Barn”


and heard about Todd’s old house:


So, I don’t have to write about those.

Here’s what I haven’t told you:

1) there are a lot of trees in Michigan. Duh. 

I wasn’t quick enough to photograph the billboard of a tree stump growing legs….but the image stuck in my head all weekend and inspired me to BECOME the Fiddle Tree! What does my brain do on a long, green drive, but dream up another incarnation of that solo show? I was dreaming up costumes all weekend. (think – medieval green dress, leather branches, and a tree backdrop – as if I need Another Renfaire Show! Yeesh!)

((1a – Michi is not allowed to have downtime, because she just thinks of more Things to Do.))

2) When caught in a thunderstorm, a brewpub in a basement is the place to be.

We had such a good experience on Friday night, we decided to go back to The Livery.  As we walked up, I heard the Ballydesmond Polka coming from upstairs, which I had played the night before. I thought to myself – “That must be live music. No one plays polkas on a juke box.”  However, we needed refreshment more than we needed fiddle tunes right away.  We went straight downstairs to the bar and ordered the same food we’d had on Friday, because it was so good (ceasar salad and meatball sandwich).  I enjoyed a second hit of the non-alcoholic black cherry raspberry cider, and heard thunderclaps nearby.   Todd watched the radar, and waited forever for the growler to be filled  – the waitress was too overwhelmed to even start my tab – so I decided to go upstairs and check out the tunage. I played a few tunes, made a few new friends, got on another Irish music email list, Todd got his growler, and then the storm abated. 

3) timing is everything.

After the pub, we stopped by Todd’s old house one more time…and arrived just as the family was coming home from a soccer tournament.  The father is about Todd’s age and they really enjoyed sharing history and email addresses. They kindly let us take pictures of their children’s bedrooms and I tried not to feel creepy (did I mention we slept in the car the night before, without showering?). They were quite cool about it. I suppose they needed showers too.

If we’d left just a bit earlier or later, we’d have had to drive in much of the storm.

If I hadn’t waited for coffee and muffins in the morning, or for the waitress in the evening, we would have missed the people at the homestead.

If we’d been there any other week, there wouldn’t have been Irish music upstairs.

That’s five points for serendipity, and ten for another lovely weekend with Todd! And – a lifetime invitation to a party at a Really Cool Place.

He was thrilled at how it all turned out, and even showed our pictures to his brother the next day (after opening the growler). I am feeling a tad sunburnt, a little bit sore from smiling, many CD’s lighter, and extremely grateful.


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