Itinerary: Brewpub, Barn, Brewpub

Tonight, we are headed to see where Todd was born – St Joseph, Michigan.

He found this nearby:

No, he wasn’t born in a brewpub, though he should have been. He enticed me to go by pointing out the cider on tap.

We’ll stay in a hotel, hopefully with a hot tub, because Saturday I’m a-gonna need my muscles.

Saturday morning:

we take a few pictures and drive up to Grayling, where I have a show in a pole barn. Three sets of music with a drummer and a dancer, each set representing a different “tour” of part of the world.  I have made up a “travel brochure” complete with drink pairings.

Set 1: Bourbon. (Celtic Lands to Appalachia.)

– I don’t actually have any whisky, but we are bringing some lovely blonde port!

Set 2: The Vodka Belt. (from the Balkans to the Black Sea)

– Rich revisits his time in Albania and I can toast Ukraine.

Set 3: Tea and Romani (Spain, Egypt, India)

– Ashli is doing a belly dance with a tea tray on her head!

– if it doesn’t rain, there might be fire dancing. Rich bought leather pants.


Drive home. We both love the stouts and porters, so this is worth adding 30 minutes to the trip…or maybe a few hours….

This is my absolutely favoritous maximus way to music-make.  I get to spend a whole weekend with my husband, see dear friends, nature, and get rid of some CD’s too.  I can definitively say I’ve never been so excited about spending a night sleeping in a car.  It’s also kind of a relief, after steampunking so much, that I am not *allowed* to bring props or electronics. My whole costume change is a hat and a scarf.

See y’all Monday, in pictures!


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