Renaissance to Victoriana – in Michi’s mind –

Last weekend, in the Renaissance, I had a lot of time to talk to people. See, it was windy and wet – and there was a brick building with free food in it for entertainers. I spent a most of my day there, staying warm and stretching, instead of fiddling with everyone in sight (they may or may not have been backstage jamming – that may or may not have spilled over into a show – to see it, cross your heart and scroll down two entries. Just remember – You Swore Not To Tell). 

In acquainting myself with various people, I revisited names I’ve known, places I’ve been, songs we’ve sung, and all the strange things we’ve uttered at unsuspecting restaurants.  For instance: Kirk lamented not having brought bacon roses for all the ladies, and then explained how to make them, while we sat at the sushi restaurant.  The servers and chefs were taken aback that the whole room enthusiastically applauded their “Happy birthday” song and said “cha cha cha.” Please! In a room of entertainers? With 30 seconds notice we could have choreographed a routine for it!  These are the *real* reasons we do fairs. Where else can we find such freaky friends?

Ring Game came up, of course, some new friends being from Madison –

As did “Of Moose and Men” and How I met My Husband – but you know that already. –

Speaking of love – I was gifted a handmade sock monkey!!! –

I was reminded of this fine artistan and Very Nice Steampunk –

So, today, when I found a pittance in my Paypal account from CD sales, I decided to patronize Jeff Platt at Highwind Steamworx.  I purchased this:

Isn’t she pretty?  She goes home with me from Clockwork Vaudeville, our “Absinthe-Minded” show this Saturday night.

I wish I could have done so much more….by buying hats, wings, jewelry…..but we do what we can, when we can, to support our friends. And yes, sometimes, it’s completely on a whim 🙂


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