must unload last weekend before I have another one

Sometimes, I blog just so I can remember all the cool things that have happened in my life.
It’s like saving a bit of your lunch in your moustache….mmm, I forgot I had that hummus!


I haven’t been able to blog till now thanks to Brain Stuffage = Two Finals – and those are flavors that I prefer not to savor.  Finally gulped those down last night. Small Business Management, down the hatch!

What lingers from last weekend…..


I hurried to the farmers’ market after yoga, to pick up some pie for a party.  Our yoga teacher Pam has been raving about the “miss Pam’s caramel pear pie” every week…hm, I wonder how it got that name?…..until about 6 of us from class promised to visit the pie guy.  Right there, that’s already a good day – but it was made even better by practically crashing into friends I never see!  As I walked around the corner, I saw Julie picking something up off the ground – a lucky penny. They didn’t see me yet, so I said “pick up a penny, find a friend!” and we stood around talking until we couldn’t stay any longer.

Then, to “Cinco de Drinko” – the annual ritual of beating unsuspecting piñatas with medieval weaponry while blindfolded. It’s how Wisconsinites welcome spring – Fake moustaches optional – beer margaritas required. This year’s pinata was mauled by a tiny woman wielding an axe (while I held back her 2-year old son) and a triathlete with a mace (who finally made contact and then just grabbed the thing with his other hand until he speared it in the stomach). It gave chicken-flavored nasty lollipops for all, and finally went into the bonfire on top of a kitchen chair.

Oh, my friends know how to party – even their little dog Emmet, the honors student, who celebrates with his own version by eating everything in sight and making “cinco de stinko“:

For proof of weaponry, see Todd, from last year’s party.

Responsible adults do not swing until the spinner has left the area.

Responsible adults study just enough so they can go to the party sans textbooks.

Oh, how I would have loved to throw them in the fire! (the textbooks, not the spinning hosts)

Instead, I learned a chord or two on ukulele and fiddled with some friends in the living room.

Also, we slept. Eventually.


Rehearsal, including tabla with Cantigas and belly dance (not by me) – I’m doing an “around the world” show in a pole barn with some people. I’ll tell you what’s happening once I’ve done it. You know how it gets around those folk musician types. The flyer says “this could devastate an ideologically divided nation and encourage people to think!”

Then, home to study for finals I’d rather forget.  Todd has been awesome about leaving the TV off (or at least, the sound off) – and preparing dinner for me this week.

I think I’ll take him out tonight in celebration – It’s the end of this effing Semester!


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