another absolutely lovely day…

in which I did not crack the Accounting Textbook, although I should have.

Instead, I picked up trash (neighborhood pickup day only happens twice a year)

went to a fantastic show – might I repeat, fantastic! I even chatted up the musicians after the show, and I didn’t even KNOW any of them. I suddenly found I was full of questions.  The musicianship was high-quality, the pieces were wonderful…and wonderfully mixed up together…and perfectly timed with the acting and dancing.  Hard to describe, but a wonderful mish mash of old art forms. Well, anyway, check it out.

went to the show with another musical friend I haven’t seen in a long time, stopped at the Italian deli for sandwiches.  And then I came home and practiced.  Like a good fiddler, you might say? Yes, I am planning for a Memorial Day show that is supposed to be a “trip around the world.” I’m having a wee bit of trouble narrowing down my favorites to just three acts in two hours. You know me. You’ve been there. Wish my bandmates luck, putting up and keeping up with me!


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