my basil droops and browns in this British weather

I started this blog to record my physical exploits on stairmasters and circuit training.  However, I’ve found (and I’m sure you’ll thank me for it) – I’m much more interested in writing about my time away from the gym. 

Last night, I had every intention of hitting the treadmill and then going to yoga class. Or possibly walking the dog and then stretching at home.  By the afternoon, though, I was reaching for Advil to counteract my superhero workout from Tuesday afternoon, and nearing a “red” day on my traffic-light scheme of shoulder pain.  After work, I called Todd, who revealed he’d just come from Dr J – our chiropractor.  So, I went too.  I’m glad I did. She dug in and ordered both of us to use ice packs, so when we got home we ate our leftovers (KFC, for me – UNO’s, for he) – gave the dog some banana bread instead of a walk – and watched our shows on DVR.  “Game of Thrones” and then “Borgias” for good measure.

Again, I say, I’m finding similar plot elements in these shows. Perhaps that’s just what my brain does, but….the young blonde bride learning to please her older, darker, more hirsute, husband?   The young children getting betrothed much too quickly?  Betrayals of royalty and family?  Even the killings and mysticism have elements in common.  There is a part of me that would prefer to see more commoners as main characters, and thinks that these elements would happen with any royal political family story. But I won’t give away the shows for those of you who might be interested. 

Basically, I watch them because they’re pretty to look at.  I really love the opening sequence to “Game of Thrones” – some steampunk created their map of the world using wooden gears.  The highlight of my evening was Cesare Borgia pacing in front of the fireplace in his leather pants. I shouted “Halleluliah” and wasn’t ashamed a bit. Ooh, captain “The Little Prince in Tight Pants.” That must be his royal wedding guest name.   Not that I’m going to, you know, watch that monarchical monstrosity. But I might Google me up some images tomorrow!  Whyever else would they schedule it on a Friday morning, hmmmm?


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