Tilting at windmills

“Absinthe Minded Professors” went on the road this weekend – our first driving trip (versus flying) – in the ‘silver bullet’ vehicle still covered in dust from the Wild Wild West.

The interstate tilted and bounced the minivan toward those wonderful wind turbines.  A Quixotic quest, to be sure, doing steampunk shows in the Bible Belt on Easter weekend!  Our adventure would contain a masked manservant in maidenform, a shady sexy phone operator, loud soccer matches and one goal achieved – impressing an Australian in a red mustang.  I sang along with the Spanish Harlem Orchestra and Shua sashayed the salsa down the street. 

On the way down, Ogham posted online, saying they’d be in Indy too. At the very next rest stop, there they were!  TJ and Amanda invited us to ‘tunage’ as we invited them to our gigs – and discovered we were all staying in Bloomington. More synchronous still – I’d had their CD for two years and hadn’t listened to it yet, but I packed it on Friday as I was looking for theatre music.  It went in the CD player right after the rest stop. (“The Gold Ring” – available on CDBaby! It’s groovy!)

Shua was playing the ‘quiet game’ trying to save his vocal cords for our shows and his faerie festival next week.  I didn’t mind – having recently seen the Rush documentary, I learned they travel quietly on the plane while reading books, and I suppose there are worse role models than those Canadians.

On the way home, we traveled in silence, after my “Spaz Kitty” CD got stuck in the disc player.  Ironically, the band is now known as “One Kitty Gone” –  and so is my CD.

We ate sandwiches twice at www.chathamtap.com and found ourselves in the free paper. Yes, we had no hard cider. Absolutely none at all.  The waitress recognized us the second day, and I got a generous pile of avocado on hummus and ciabatta for under $7.00.   I’ve decided I like Indy.  And fringe.

I especially liked the intergalactic fish.

Shua’s voice survived the trip, and I am not *quite* as broken as I expected I would be.

On my part, that *could* be due to multiple causes:

– did not wear mechanical bustle. Rather, used it to hide my amplifier and distortion pedal.

– avoided eating at McDonald’s, and delayed the gratification of jellybeans until Monday.

– slept till 10am Sunday (After hours of socializing and midnight lasagna!)

– or – it *might* have something to do with this workout regime I’ve been doing.  This morning I chose the treadmill over extra sleep.  Evidence of progress – the corset goes on more easily than it did on March 4th, and the Big Heeled Boots failed to make me hurt.

I’ll leave you with St Joseph’s, a boarded-up church I found down the street from the fringe theater.  It suited my Easter Sunday. Silent, vandalized, but still lovely.

more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sneetchie/


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