Did it again.

Went to the same gym, twice in one day.

7am, to use the stairs machine.

7:30pm, for yoga class.

In the 20 minutes I had to myself I roasted radishes with this recipe:


Tonight, mexican food, laundry, and hopefully – another workout.


Things I’m noticing:

– Weight hasn’t changed – but – the YMCA scale is broken. It says 5 pounds when there’s nothing on it. Hm. So – I could have lost 5 pounds – or – not.

– Some things in yoga (like pushups) are easier to do. “Hard” (high-speed) classes are less intense. “Easy” (slow) classes are more intense…because I have newly sore muscles that need stretching. Zis is Gut!

– Speaking of Gut, I haven’t really changed my diet much. Still not eating from the EVIL JARS OF CANDY – but otherwise, eating habits were pretty good to begin with. (see roasted radishes, above). The major difference is, now that I’m not eating all those chocolates stuffed with chemicals, I actually want to eat meat more than once a month. Again, ser gut.

– I lied! I forgot one major change. I made an order of fitness-related foods, online, yesterday, on AaA’s recommendation. Was pleasantly surprised to read, in my order confirmation, that a bunch of free samples will be coming with the “Recoverite.”  (I think it’s because I registered as a new customer and used Douglas Mumaw as a referral. If anyone out there is reading this, feel free to do the same.) http://www.hammernutrition.com/

– Doug made a comment today about “if you want to lose major mass…” – and I realized, that’s not my goal, at all. My goal is to find a sustainable lifestyle that will help me stay healthy, and happy, working, playing, and not be TIRED ALL THE TIME.  It’s hard to tell right now if I’m tired because of the workouts or because I stare at a screen 8 hours a day…or all the other umpteen hundred things going on in my life.

This weekend will be the major test. Driving to Indianapolis with Shua (and yes I expect to be doing the driving) – performing Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, and then driving home. So if I”m back here Monday saying “eh, that wasn’t so hard” – then – I will consider this all successful. Hey, if I just manage to get home Sunday night in time for the Borgias I will consider the weekend a success!

Small goals, my friends.



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