catchup and sass

Y’all want to know where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing for the last 3 days?

You’re just on the edge of your chairs, right?

Here goes:

Friday: Wind and rain, wind and rain, Todd drove an hour in the wind and the rain, letting me nap before we arrived at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design for niece’s thesis show (Rococogasm! Her name, not mine!).  Most excellent husband took me Out for most excellent German food ( and then on a fiddle errand.  ((Good man.))  I couldn’t believe I ordered roast beef with a ginger sauce. Didn’t eat much of it (hello leftover sandwiches!), but it was fan-freaking-tastic! I think this working out thing is changing my diet habits.

Saturday: YMCA to work out, then watch the neato police dog demonstration (they just happened to be visiting).  On the way home, I stopped at the farmers’ market, THEN the butcher shop, THEN the Mexican grocery store. Bam Bam Bam, done for the week. It’s a compromise between my “convenience” devils (Todd, myself) and the “locavore” angels (Michael Pollan, Barbara Kingsolver). 

The storm was coming in over the farmers’ market, so folks were packing up an hour early.  Hence, the pie guy wasn’t selling much – and he gave me two pies for the price of one! I tipped him $5.  Why? Because I am sucker for a man who gives me a spoonful of pie every time I see him.

At the grocery, I bought a bottle of extra-dark chocolate syrup – and hid it in a brown paper bag in the car, so Todd wouldn’t find it before the party 😉

Took the pies and chocolate to Racine, for a house warming party. When I explained where I”d been the night before, someone said “You should have brought Reeses’ Pieces to your nieces’ thesis!” (now why didn’t I think of that?!)  It was so nice to hang out with people who are usually on the other side of the “fiddle fence” because I’m performing.  For the record, I love the Lauritzen family. Also, it was a huge relief to admit, in a room full of literary and sci-fi geeks and rennies, that I found Harry Potter boring…..and to discover that many of them did too!

Sunday: YMCA to work out and then do yoga-which-was-more-like-Pilates-Ow-My-Abs! 

As far as large muscle groups go, that was the best one to surprise me with, as I had a 5 hour rehearsal to attend!  I got out of there, toweled off, and got some Starbucks all in time for Shua. oh, yes, I am the Woman.

Bad rehearsal news: Shua’s voice is still tender. Good rehearsal news: this allowed me to get home in time for another lovely dinner ala Todd, (mashed potatoes! beef tenderloin! red wine!) and to sit on the couch, digesting, with an ice pack.

Game of Thrones: as of yet, it hasn’t really grabbed me. I could see Todd recognizing characters as they appeared on screen.  Obviously he will get more out of it as he’s read the books – but I will give it a few more episodes before I decide to ignore it.
Borgias: hit the spot, as always. It occurred to me later that both shows have some of the same plot elements, tho they are telling different stories (incest, unwilling marriage, killings…hm…I am so tired of the problems of rich people! That’s why “Rome” was so cool – it had commoners!)

And now we are Monday:  I worked out this morning on the stair machine again. It’s a little more intense than the elliptical treadmill, but doesn’t make my arms hurt like the weights routine does. I’m having some flashing pains in my right shoulder blade today, so I’m going to extend “week 3” of the weight training routine.  (going to the chiropractor and continuing with week 4 tomorrow, per Mumaw’s orders!) It seems I can only fit in 2 weights sessions per week when I’m performing. (Doug doesn’t work out on show days either!) Even if I’m not doing as well as some other people (5 pushups per round, versus 35!!) – I’m seeing and enjoying the difference in my own life, and that’s what counts. In yoga, I found that the pushups were much easier this week!


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