She loves me for my fish tacos –

Roxanne, the cat.

Not pictured: the rest of Todd, dog on yoga mat, the Borgias on DVR.

In other words, Night Off.

We used our Groupon for Grande Jake’s Mexican food – meaning we paid less than $3 for 2 Jarrito Piña, a burrito, beans, and 2 fish tacos. 

For the first time ever, we tipped more than the price of our dinner.

Our eyes looked a lot like Roxanne the cat’s – half open.  While I was out fiddling the night before, Todd went to a work function. Here’s how it went, Wednesday night:

9:45pm – Michi starts trying to leave the bar

10:33pm – Michi arrives at her car, finds a text from Todd sent at 10:18pm –

“Wanna come pick me up at Champp’s?” 

He’d been chatting, and drinking, with longtime friends and co-workers – at the pub right across the street from my office. 

11:18pm Michi arrives at her office parking lot, Todd shows gratitude by rubbing her arm on the way home. 

Getting home around midnight and up again at 6am means – yes, Michi needed a night off. Besides, we had important recovery to do, because tonight is our niece Anya’s BFA thesis show in Milwaukee!

And yes, this morning, I went to the “Y” like a good monkey. Oy, the jumps! My legs could barely move by the time I was done.


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