Hoss Hair Puller

fiddled all night with my eyes closed –  www.andywhite.com and www.radoslavlorkovic.com

Unphotographable, unforgettable – and unamplified.

In trying to play over the amplified accordion, I broke a lot of horse hair (on my bow).

According to the Old Town School of Folk Music, that makes me a “hoss hair puller.”

The guys tried to get me to go on tour with them – as they do every year.

I took it as a compliment, and then drove home to Todd – as I do every year.

Andy gave me two hugs and said “I love you!”

Rad wouldn’t let go my fiddle case.

I said “I love you too!!!!” – patted Rad’s head – and forgot my salad in the bar.

After hours of fiddling around barefoot on a pile of horse hair, what do I get? A massive foot cramp.

I guess that’s better than a sore arm!

Today, I’m gonna tear into that leftover pizza and call it an “off-diet day.”

Sarah the barista must have felt my pain this morning…I asked for an extra shot in my Americano, and she made us two “samples” of the Thai tea latte – that when poured into the same cup, made an entire drink!  Indulgent, spicy tea with a shot of white chocolate and frothy steamed milk is yummmmyyyyyyyyyy – especially when it’s freeee!


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