my karma is pie.

I bought a $20 pie for $5, at the farmers’ market. Peach and blueberry with granola topping!

Take a look at this –

How did I do it? We showed up late, and all he had left was the “sampler pies.”  Frank’s “Karma Cafe” been giving out one plastic forkful at a time to various people to try things…Todd & Tania moaned over the banana cream.  I wanted something with berries – so he made me a deal. “tell you what, I’ll give you the sampler pie for $5.” 

There was about half a pie left, so he was giving me 50% off.

 “SOLD!” I said; and after eating the crusty bits around the edge, I still had four pieces for lovely breakfasts this week.
Tell you what, 1/4 of $5 tasted like a  hundred dollars this morning after working out!

Oh yeah, and I was down 2 pounds Sunday morning. Let’s see how long that lasts….


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