Freya’s day

I got halfway through my Friday and decided it was going to be my “off-diet” day.  Hence, I had a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

For dinner, we ate RJ’s pizza and brownies, washed down with Todd’s coke & Sailor Jerry.

I will have no half-measures on my “off day.”

This morning, we had breakfast at Hillside, and it was a challenge to find something that didn’t make me feel sinful. Greasy skillets? Spanakopita? Right out. I settled for cottage cheese crepes – of which they brought not one, not two, but three!  I ate one and now have breakfast for the next two days.  The batter was so sweet I didn’t even need jam or syrup. How do people eat like this and do anything but nap, afterward?

We saw a poster advertising the Grayslake farmers’ market, just a few blocks away, so we had to go there next. Even though it’s the beginning of the season and the market is smaller than it will be in July, we somehow ended up with a stack of goodies; dog treats (bison!), fresh eggs, half a berry/peach pie, and some raspberry cheddar.  With these boxes stacked up in my hands, along with my leftovers, I couldn’t even open the car door.  Grocery shopping has now been reduced for the week. 
And now, back to studying.


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