Rest Hard, Work Hard.

After Wednesday’s bacchanalian night off – I made up for it.

Did proper penitence by scrubbing the kitchen floor AND the shower last night, while listening to Rumi’s poetry set to Appalachian mountain music by the “Illumination Band.” It was almost like church.

 (yes, we are having a guest – no, we don’t clean any other time. Do you?)

I was tempted to call scrubbing the shower my “workout” for the evening. (have you SEEN our shower?)  Instead, I did my workout with the weights, like a good monkey.  Failed to take a picture, because I was already done with my jumping jacks when I found my weights under the table…with a chunk of plastic missing!  It’s just a neoprene layer over a metal weight,  now partially exposed, thanks to Pikey the dog.  He must have smelled the sweat left by my hands and thought it was a toy. Or, perhaps he was trying to figure out exactly what kind of “play” I’ve been doing with them? I would have loved to see him try to pick up three-pound metal weights in his mouth! He seemed to have tried only one chew. Still, I think I won’t store them on the floor anymore.

Discoveries: Devotchka is pretty good workout music – the tempos seem to be all half or double 60 bpm, so it’s pretty easy to move in time with them. It’s harder when the tempos slow, as they did when the Beatles came on. Overall – music helps pass the time!

(“DUH” – you’re a musician! one might say.

But then, it would launch me into that tired old speech about how music isn’t a ‘background’ activity for me….and how it doesn’t occur to me to use it like other people do. /soapbox)

One of these days, I will put something on that empty iPod. Really. I will.

This Morning: yes, I made it to the gym again!!! Still not seeing any external differences, but I do feel a bit more awake afterward.  For instance, I’m pretty sniffly after housecleaning (this always happens), but less sniffly after using the treadill.  Amazing.  I tell myself to give it two months – not two weeks – before my workout habits have really convinced my body that something different is going on.  Then, you’ll see!  I’m hoping for visible differences by Janesville (  There might be a hot tub at the hotel.


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