yes, we have no bananas.

that is by way of saying  – I’m still here, but not much I want to write about.
Worked out Sunday night and Monday morning,

AND Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  Other than a slight wardrobe malfunction last night in class, I’m getting good at this ‘getting to the gym with extra clothes’ thing.

I’m feeling a bit more ‘human’ in the office – and I think that might be thanks to the workouts.

It might also be thanks to my wonderful husband and the lovely dinner I had Monday night at

Let me just say….FISH!  Seared ahi tuna, a creme brulee cheesecake, pot stickers (not in that order).

And for the record, a geisha martini. You can’t go to such an asian-themed restaurant and not have a “geisha.”  Well, I couldn’t, especially not after just having read “Memoirs of a Geisha.”

Um, so, I don’t expect to be losing any pounds this week either. But hey, everything else is going pretty well! Last night during the “weight training” I thought to myself “I could probably use something bigger than these 3 pound dumbbells.” But this morning, my deltoids were sore and I’m glad I didn’t step up quite yet.


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