Week 2, “Actors are Athletes”

..also known as “Alice’s adventures in Workoutland”

Previously posted on livejournal (http://michimusic.livejournal.com/), but now it’s not cooperating. Today, on the advice of a friend (http://relativelyokay.com/), I got fed up and decided to post here.

Over the weekend? Yeah, I rested. Bigtime. I enjoyed myself so much I weighed an extra pound or more at the YMCA last night. (couldn’t see the needle well enough to tell whether it was 1 or 2. Let’s say +1.5)

You know what? I’m cool with it. It’s also possible that I’m maybe – just maybe – building some muscle.  I forgot to take my notebook home, so I worked out yesterday (Sunday) by memory. That worked out fine, except the cat and dog watched me jumping from the couch like I was a tennis match on TV. The problems are never the ones you worry about.

 Suddenly my new heart rate monitor could not find my heart. Did. not. Exist. I stupidly started pressing buttons during the workout, and it had the effect you might imagine – I broke it. Well, not actually “broke” but it now will not exit the “settings” mode. Arrgh. well, I can haz heart rate the old fashioned way – with fingers!

You may not be able to tell from my tone above that I had an absolutely lovely weekend. It’s de rigeur for anytime we get to go to “The Meadow” – where we had our reception in 2008 http://toddalamichi.blogspot.com/ – and where Todd’s parents happen to live.  I joke sometimes that I married him for his parents – and he responds that he married me for my dog.  As in all good jests, it carries a heavy grain of truth.  We enjoyed all of the above, cooked dinner for the folks, took them out to MooseJaw brewery on Sunday, and his mom couldn’t stop raving about my band – http://www.facebook.com/WaterStreetBridge – who she saw playing at the farmers’ market on Saturday morning. (I knew I would pull out her inner folkie someday!)

We spent some time un-confusing ourselves about upcoming weekends and gigs, and made a date to see “Taming of the Shrew.” I did a lot of stretching, had some shooting pains in the arm, but only at the very end of the gig and a few hours later when I was ripping lettuce for a salad. (Lettuce? Really? Now you see why I need to work out.)

Now, we’re back to the schedule of schedules. This morning, I made it out of the house at 6:15am (yes, in my pj’s, so what?!) and was finished with my workout by 7 (AM!).  Oy! By my blisters, this workout might just turn me into a morning person!


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